Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spun Cotton for a Wedding

Something new from me that I'll be adding to my creations in 2012 will be personalized wedding pieces made in the spun cotton.  

I've done many special request pieces for various collectors, however, this is my first attempt at a wedding piece.

In mid December I received a request to do a personalized  spun cotton ornament for a New Years Eve wedding from a customer who is very special to me.  She gave me some ideas as to the theme of the wedding, some lines from a song, the colors and that she has always loved the way I create my bunnies, so she suggested a pair of spotted hares.

My creative juices started flowing and I immediately started making a spun cotton basket.  With a basket I knew it could be displayed many different ways and be used not only as a hanging ornament but also I make my baskets so that they can stand on their own so it could also be used as a cake topper.
Next came the spotted bunnies and trying to keep a gentle hand on the shading so as to keep the cuteness factor ;-)

 My attention to details have gained me accolades from my customers and I have to  smile as I watch someone pick up a piece and discover first, the obvious, and then the subtle, then the smiles that come across their face.

I met with my customer yesterday to personally deliver this creation and we sat and chatted over a wonderful lunch. When I presented her my creation, I watched as she discovered the details and saw her smile grow across her face......that is priceless in my book!

For those who know of my work, you've seen that I always include a little phrase at the bottom of my Etsy listings, which states
(made with love and imagination)
I truly love what I do and I'm grateful to all who keep me inspired to push forward and stretch my creativity  and imagination.

My thanks to Kate for choosing me to create this special keepsake.


Mouse Droppings Fine Folk Art said...

I think I am in love!!!! Your wedding piece is stunning!!! The cute for words! Cheers, Susan

Hanni said...

This is a wonderful piece and it should bring much joy to the happy couple.

Anonymous said...

You did such a wonderful job creating the wedding piece. It is so delightful.

Zan Asha said...

Wow, so gorgeous and cute. I'm still stunned that cotton can be made into such creations. Congrats and Happy New Year :)

Lucys Baby said...

I just love these precious little bunnies, the way you create their colors and expressions...Just so sweet! You should think about creating a tutorial, for purchase. I have no idea how to spin cotton, so I'm guessing...there are others out there too.