Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pitter Patter Paws

The sound of little pitter patter paws and tiny meows can be heard coming from our home! Two weeks ago, we adopted not one but two adorable little kitten boys!

On one of the frequent visits to our local Pet Smart, I discovered these two little faces peering out at me from behind bars.
Now....I ask you....would you be able to resist these two? It took all of two seconds to win me over!

So we busted them out of jail and brought them into our home!

We announced to the neighborhood with balloons ;-})

We've given them the names of "Bandit" and "Nitro". We call them "brothers from different mothers" as they get along with each other so well.

Jim taking a break from gardening and having a little "catnap" with the boys!