Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here's the first peek! Spun Cotton and more....

These are fresh off the studio table and will be available at the November 13th update at Spookytimejingles!!!

On my Halloween page you'll see the "Dancing Moon Man" and the "Snow Witch".
And for Christmas you'll find the "Rudolph Rocket Riders", the lovely "Ms. Snow" and a collection of "Krampus" ornaments!

Not everyone knows the legend of the Krampus, so here's a bit of some of information I found while researching this spun cotton ornament which is highly prized by collectors.

The Krampus – Likely derived from the Yule Goat, the Krampus [from the Old High German krampen "claw"] is a demonic figure of the Alps (Austria, Bavaria, Switzerland, and Slovenia) that still exists today and is known by several names. He is often portrayed having goat legs, long horns, a long goat beard, and a sack or basket used to carry away children. He is a companion of Saint Nicholas and appears in the streets at night during the first two weeks of December (focused around the Day of Saint Nicholas) – frightening children and adults, clattering bells and chains [perhaps the origins of Santa Claus's bells], and swatting youngsters with switches. He is often portrayed as a servant of Saint Nicholas and his task is to punish naughty children: leaving a lump of coal, swatting children with a birch switch or broom, or dragging them away in his sack.

REMBER: the update starts at midnight - just as the clocks ticks into the first hour of November 13th!

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magikalseasons said...

These are wonderful Marie! Your versions of the Krampus are just brillant! Great info too! :)