Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween in Black & White!!!

While walking with a friend in Lambertville, NJ we came upon this jaw dropping yard display that is unlike anything I've ever seen!

I wished that this was installed for the weekend of the STJ Soiree, because Pat Dean and I walked on this street and we would have seen this!!!

I noticed that there are black lights all throughout the display, so I guess I'm going back after dark some night! PLUS, I'd love to meet the artist who created these awesome sculptures!


softinthehead said...

That is absolutely the coolest personal display I think I have ever seen for Halloween! How lucky for you! Unbelievable! Makes you wonder what they do inside huh? Pam

concretenprimroses said...

Thanks for sharing these amazng pics! I think I see lots of influences here. Wonderful.

Zan Asha said...

Holy Moley! These ARE amazing! Sign that person up for STJ AND Art Dolls only! Some of these pieces look a bit Beth Robinson-ish, but really, they are AMAZING!!!!!

Pattee said...

WOW Marie!!!! This is definitely the absolute coolest displays I've ever seen!!!

I wonder who the artist is? The person that lives in the house?

Signed picture books? Get me one! LOL!

Yes I'd even go and knock on that door and ask about the displays!

So sorry it wasn't up as well when I was there... but thanks for those photos!!!


Sue said...

Oh my - those are friggin amazing! Please let us know if you got back tonight to see them.


Bush-Wood Art said...

WoW, Wow, Wow - Amazing!
You have to find out who the artist is!

Carousel Dreams said...

That is truly incredible! Very Tim Burton!

Sandra said...

Oh Marie...this was so fun to see. Thanks for sharing. Is was so wonderful !

sue said...

this display was on HGTV's TV show Four Houses the Halloween edition. I'd love to know how the owner made these!

Juli Riedel said...

This awesome artwork is from my friend Dolores Dragan from Lambertville NJ. You can see her on Youtube- Haunters Hangout Season 3 episode 7.