Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spun Cotton Art Dolls are coming!

What is it about spun cotton?

I get asked this question frequently and I have to say that since I've been working with the cotton, I've found that I truly enjoy it and I personally just love the final vintage look and feel of the finished pieces.

It's been a road of discovery for me as I've developed my own technique for the creation of my spun cotton ornaments and now with my latest pieces which I feel are worthy of being called "art dolls" that will be offered for sale for the first time at the August 13th update on SpookyTimeJingles.

Yes, I've had those days when I've come out of my studio and there are bits of cotton stuck all over me and my fingers are covered in a wierd contorted cast of cotton and sticky glue and the cat looks at me and seems to say "don't you even think about touching me"!

Since those days, I've perfected my technique a bit and I don't get quite as messy! I find taking those big cloud like puffs of soft cotton and transforming them into art to not only be a challenge but it's quite rewarding as the characters take on their personalities.

Here's the preview peek at my latest creations that you'll find on my pages at SpookyTimeJingles!
Remember the update starts as the clocks ticks the midnight hour of August 12 into the 13th (EST)

This month, I've done 4 new spun cotton pieces and a wool needle felted moon man (you'll have to check out that nose as my husband says it looks like mine ) ;-}

Hope that you can stop by and maybe something will catch your eye and you'll discover the beauty of spun cotton for yourself!


*Linda Pinda* said...

Glad to have found you through Creating The Hive. You've got a lovely blog, and your creations are wonderful!!!

I just clicked to follow your blog. I'd be thrilled if you'd consider visiting and following mine:)

Have a great day. Can't wait to see all your holiday creations!!!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Hi Linda, I've got you on my follow list and on facebook now!