Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Halloween Teaser

"Penny and Pricilla Pumpkin" are Halloween Art Doll ornaments created in spun cotton are almost ready to be unveiled!!! These are a new design unlike anything I've done before.

Stay posted for the debut!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

As I see it

a portal on our potting shed

a favorite at the Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton,NJ

just hatched praying mantis

Lately in my area of the country we've been in the midst of one heat wave after another, so I've replaced my daily power walk with bike riding. During the past few weeks I've spotted some very interesting things along the way.

This one day the clouds in the sky were huge billowy puffs and so many interesting shapes!

to me it's pretty obvious that this is a santa/witch head with HUGE hat on the head ;-} I'll be using this as inspiration for a future project!

Now awhile back I posted the picture that I took while walking and I did use it to inspire a needle felted figure

I call these shapes on the ground "nature's ink blots" and I always see things in them. On Facebook I asked the readers to post what they saw and got some interesting views.
(On my side bar is an article from Art Doll Quarterly with my quote on the "nature's ink blots") !!!

This past week I rode thru the old Newtown Cemetery

very interesting and made me stop to take a picture

the husband is the "not dead, but sleeping"

so was the "come with me" on the stone before or after the wife's death? hmmmmm

a ride thru the streets of Newtown Boro is always a treat for the eyes

The ride back to my house is all uphill, so I'm always happy to see this sign.

it means that I get to take a break, sip some water and get ready for just ONE more big hill to get back home!

The following story is my way of having a little fun and an experiment in human awareness.

Three days ago while I stopped for this rest and drink of water, I spotted these acorns on the ground and thought how odd/cute that they were positioned just like this between that branch.

So as I was sitting there I thought to myself....I wonder if anyone else would ever see these little acorns and what if I took that sharpie pen from my bike bag and drew little faces on them....would someone then see them and take them home with a message?

Maybe it was just the heat getting to me, but I thought it would be this is what I left

Well, I'm very happy to say that when I made my stop here today....someone did see my little acorns and took them!!!!

these pictures were taken with my phone so you can't see clearly but in addition to the little faces, I also wrote!!! So the person who took the acorns may now possibly be a new STJ fan!!!

I guess you can say that my experiment in human awareness worked and I have now done my very first "geocaching" (although I didn't post any coordinates on the web).

stay tuned to see what I come up with next ....maybe I'll trying geocaching again!

my mantra when I think I can't pedal any farther or make it up that next hill:
an hour a day keeps the pills and doctors away!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The party starts at midnight!

This month, is celebrating the 2 year anniversary!

Here's a preview of my new pieces!

It all starts as the clock ticks midnite tonight July 12th into the 13th and lasts all month long!!!
Come by and celebrate with us!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Spun Cotton ornaments

Today I completed two brand new spun cotton ornaments and they are ready and waiting in my Etsy Shop! Come by and have a look!

"Miss Sassy Shallot"


Momma B. & Bizzy

Monday, July 5, 2010