Monday, April 12, 2010

Tonight is the night!

Fans of Spookytimejingles know that just around the midnight hour as the clock ticks into the 13th of every month, the site updates and those "in the know" are ready to pounce on their favorite pieces! Here's a preview of what you'll find on my pages!

For Halloween, I have created a collection of spun cotton ornaments....

and for Christmas.....a spun cotton vignette.....inspiration for a clown gingerbread man came from viewing the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA!!!

Hope you can stop by and have a closer look. Sometimes things sell out rather quickly, however, you can always contact me to make something special just for you!

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Lucys Baby said...

WoW, that month went by fast! It seems like yesterday, I was clicking away to see all the cool stuff on Spooky Time Jingles. I'll be there tonight-for sure.