Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby it's COLD outside!!!

Part of my daily routine is to get outside for my exercise walk, which is usually 4 miles, each day. I find it clears the mind and inspires me, so if I don't go I get into a creative slump.

Call me a Yeti, Sasquatch,...but it's COLD and WINDY here in our little part of the country this winter.

I had to find the right layering to deal with this cold....and the hat really works...
so if you happen to see this figure out walking, don't be's only me!


DellaRae said...

It is cold in FL, too. I've been outside covering plants and my hands are freezing. It's tooooo cold for me!

Beth Anderson said...

Good for you Marie - the only walking I did it outlet shopping!
Boy it is COLD!

yoborobo said...

Good for you, Marie! It's too cold and windy outside for me. :) Pam

Denise said...

OMG! are you crazy! It was dangerous out there today! did you have on an entire sasquatch suit? Love the hat! ;-) I may try to walk tomorrow. In the summer I walk every day. I miss it. I have a treadmill but something about walking while looking at concrete wall just doesn't excite me. I need to be outside. I am curious what you wore on your legs? I can't find warm enough clothes for this weather!! Brrrrrrrr.

LuLu Kellogg said...

You are just adorable in that hat!!

We had 19 inches of snow last week and it's finally gone but more coming this Friday. Ughhhhhh!

Happy New Year Marie!


Sue said...

-18F here today ....I'm sticking with the eliptical. Can't walk when my jeans feel like ice slabs on my skin. I do admire your fortitude though Marie! LOL

The Vintage Sister said...

You inspired me! I've been using the cold as an excuse to not walk but I did yesterday and today. I didn't have a sassy outfit like yours but it felt good to be outside.
Happy New Year to you!!

p.s. check out my blog;)

Designs By CK said...

It's ALL ABOUT the layers!!! Stay warm!!! '-O)

Popping in 4 a belated hello & happy 2010 lady!

Your SpOOky fiend,