Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New work at my Etsy Shop

If you haven't been to my shop lately....get on over and check out my newest creations for the Halloween season.
Yesterday I listed my Candy Corns and now there is only 1 left so you better hurry!

This is the Candy Corn that still waits for a new home.

Also new is my Itsy Widow Spider! She's ready to work her web around you!

Be sure to keep checking my shop as I have more to come in time for Halloween!
Marie Patterson Studio.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tutorial on Creating a Halloween Tree

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend who said she doesn't buy any ornaments for Halloween because she feels that the trees are too expensive.
I thought that I could make one for little or no cost. So I'm sharing these instructions and if you need a tree, this idea might work for you.

Here's the list of supplies:

Tree branches - look around your yard or go for a walk in the park (think spooky branches)
Container - this can be a vase, bucket, tin, basket, etc. I used a green glass vase which I already had.
Floral foam, or sand - this will go into the base of the container and support the branches.
Decorative berries - these are optional, but I liked the color they added.
Fabric - anything that "speaks Halloween" to you will do....it will be used for draping the container

O.K. Step #1 is assemble your supplies.

Step #2
Arrange the branches in your container and add some decorative element. I used the berries, however some garland or even tissue paper would work.

Step #3
Create your scene. Set your tree where everyone can enjoy it. I liked these spooky Halloween gauze fabric pieces which I draped on the mirror and around my vase.

Step #4
Start filling your tree with the Halloween ornaments that you can now start collecting! You can even put lights on your tree!
My Halloween Spinners are shown here and there are still a few available on my page at SpookyTimeJingles!

I still have alot of decorating to do on this tree, but you get the idea! Now go out and look for some branches and build yourself a tree.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Spinners are coming and a FREE gift!

On Sept. 13th, SpookyTimeJingles will update and my Halloween Spinners that were published in the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine will be available!

The other items that I'll be offering include the Candy Corn Trio and my first Santa ornament for the 2009 season! Get to SpookyTimeJingles and click on Marie Patterson Studio.

Now for the FREEBIE!

Make a purchase from my page at SpookyTimeJingles OR my Etsy Shop in September and I'll include a FREE gift! Using all quality papers I created these vintage looking ornaments with glow in the dark stickers on both sides. They make a wonderful addition to a Halloween tree or display.