Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phila. Flower Show 2009

It's been so cold here, my husband Jim and I decided to get a taste of springtime by going to the flower show. The theme of the show this year was Italy. I'd like to share some of my pictures with you from the show....sit back and you can almost smell the flowers!!!
There's even a surprise "find" for all my "SpookyTimeJingles" friends.....LOL!!! You'll know it when you see it!!!

(I put captions on the pictures, but you'll have to click on that ----*view all images----thing at the bottom to see them...and you'll get bigger pictures too, so do that)


Zan Asha said...

Wow, these are SOOO lovely! Haha, I shall never have a garden like these!

I am trying to find your STJ reference in the pics, not sure if I did but the alligator WAS MOST interesting!!

Designs By CK said...

Hi Marie!

WOW ~ What a great idea to do a flower show to beat the winter blahs!

ALL the flowers were gorgeous! I especially loved the sunflowers, flower dress & shoes! Very creative.

PS: I found the STJ surprise...2 FUN. I won't say what it is to spoil it for the others!!!

Have a great "Spring thoughts" week!

PPS: Damn groundhog!!! LOL '-P)

Chris (-:

Pam said...

Beautiful pictures - just what I needed to see on this chilly morning! Of course, I'd rather be in Italy, seeing it all in person - but your pics helped warm things up.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Gorgeous photos! I have always wanted to go there. Maybe someday:)

Janell Berryman artist-owner said...

Great pics Marie! Lovin the skelly for sure. I also love those shoes!

Lisa said...

Your pictures are fabulous! If my allergies weren't so bad I'd be hopping on a train today. Thanks for sharing a hyerallergenic version! :)

sUz said...

Thanks for sharing maRie! LOVE those shoes!
iN jOy,