Wednesday, August 27, 2008 and fun!

Decided to take a day off from painting and sculpting yesterday, grab my hubby, Jim, and go to the park to enjoy this great August weather. While walking along the creek bed I found a was a rock shaped perfectly as a heart! That started us on a treasure hunt to see how many we could find. Once you start looking for a certain shape, it's amazing! Also a very special treasure appeared......Jim found a rock shaped like the letter "J"!!!!

Finished artwork for a "Tombstone Trade" hosted by Dani of Ambitions Design. My inspiration for this piece came from a headstone I saw in Pittsburgh with the family name "Boos"......first rhyming word that came to my mind was "shoes" :)......and this was the result. This "crypt" is made with an altered tin and the headstone is sculpted clay (more pictures on Flickr).

Another trade also hosted by Dani was to do ACEO's with a Halloween theme and make 2 for the trade. I got on a roll and made a whole series using the same technique....I have to select 2 of these for the trade (eenie,mennie,minny,moe) and the rest will be up for grabs.

* * * * * * * * *And now for the FUN......

This is my husband, Jim's, latest creation....he calls it the "Hurltz-It 3000 Jr." and has been a very popluar attraction in our neighborhood with kids of all ages!!! We did this video to share the fun with you......don't you just love the helmet and shades! And the shirt...souvenir/gift from the drag race.


Kim Hardt Originals said...

Too funny Marie, Thanks for sharing. He looks pretty hard core in that helmet and glasses. Wow size really does matter to some guys! He He!

I could see him on David Letterman. You ought to submit that. I can see David doing that on the streets of New York. Or even Jay Leno!! Hey Ellen too! Go for all!!!


janell berryman artist-owner said...

Terrific rocks! Nature's treasures. Love that! Also love your Halloween aceo's! The ghost is my fav. xoxo And hubby.... just a kid at heart! Thanks for sharing all this great stuff Marie!

Elizabeth said...

That was soooo funny!!! I agree with Kim - the video looks like something you see on David Letterman or Jay Leno. I could see those being sold in a store. I like the "and that was a good neighbor". Cracked me up!!!!

Love your ACEOs!!!! And love your heart rocks!!! Betty

Designs by CK said...

Have a great holiday weekend! :)

PS: Great ACEO's!

Spooky CK

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

That video is too funny Marie! Your neighbors must be thrilled...the good one's that is.

I love your ACEO's! The tombstone is the best.


Laurie Hardin said...

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Too funny and he seemed so serious about the art of flinging!! Man, he did stretch that back, didn't he!! I have a feeling things are never boring at your house!!
Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing your new STJ offerings this month!

MaryEllen said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks for contacting me. I won a door prize? kewl!
how'd that happen?
here's my email address, if you reply, I will give you my address.
Thanks so much.
Also, I would love to be added to your blog list, and would like to add yours to mine.
Thanks again, said...

I want to be a kid in YOUR neighborhood!

MaryEllen said...

Oops.. did I forget to give you the email address..? duh..
here it is
Thanks again!