Wednesday, August 27, 2008 and fun!

Decided to take a day off from painting and sculpting yesterday, grab my hubby, Jim, and go to the park to enjoy this great August weather. While walking along the creek bed I found a was a rock shaped perfectly as a heart! That started us on a treasure hunt to see how many we could find. Once you start looking for a certain shape, it's amazing! Also a very special treasure appeared......Jim found a rock shaped like the letter "J"!!!!

Finished artwork for a "Tombstone Trade" hosted by Dani of Ambitions Design. My inspiration for this piece came from a headstone I saw in Pittsburgh with the family name "Boos"......first rhyming word that came to my mind was "shoes" :)......and this was the result. This "crypt" is made with an altered tin and the headstone is sculpted clay (more pictures on Flickr).

Another trade also hosted by Dani was to do ACEO's with a Halloween theme and make 2 for the trade. I got on a roll and made a whole series using the same technique....I have to select 2 of these for the trade (eenie,mennie,minny,moe) and the rest will be up for grabs.

* * * * * * * * *And now for the FUN......

This is my husband, Jim's, latest creation....he calls it the "Hurltz-It 3000 Jr." and has been a very popluar attraction in our neighborhood with kids of all ages!!! We did this video to share the fun with you......don't you just love the helmet and shades! And the shirt...souvenir/gift from the drag race.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A day at the drag races!!

This past Saturday I went to the Top Fuel Drag Races in Mohnton, Pa. with my husband Jim, daughter Laura and her boyfriend Brandon. This is man and his machine at it's BEST!!! Words cannot describe the awesome power and the roar (explosion) of these race cars. We saw everything from motorcycles flashing by at 192 m.p.h. to the awesome top fuel dragsters blitzing by at 300+ m.p.h.!!! It was amazing!!
We picked our favorite by the artwork of the logo for this that crazy fish!!!

If you'd like to see all the pictures, then click on my Flickr account for my photostream (it will be under "places visited")

I took some videos to try and capture that unbelievable ROAR! This is one of my videos taken at the start line as we were leaving the races and it's BEHIND a concrete wall!! I was trying to narrate, however, you can't hear me over the sound of the engine!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

With these tools, I create

Kim Hardt of Kim Hardt Originals "tagged" me to show the tools I use in the creation of my artwork. As you can see, it's
pretty much the standard stuff. I do however like to use things such as the sponge applicators for blending and toothpicks for poking holes in things....those large bullnose clips are the "best" for holding my altered books while glueing. Now since I do work in many different mediums, you can also find me at the sewing machine or in the workshop using the band saw or drill press or whatever it takes to get the job done!

Now in order to keep this tag going, I'm to pass this tag along to 3 other fellow artists. My picks are going to be:

Chris of Designs by CK
Annette of Huckleberry Arts
Melissa of Honey Girl Studio

Sunday, August 10, 2008

SpookyTimeJingles New Updates!!!!

That's right....on August 13th there will be all new listings from this talented group of artists at SpookyTime!!! Be sure to mark your calendar so you don't miss out!!
Also, this month will be the debut of the "Kids Corner" featuring the works from some very talented children!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nature's Art

Aside from creating art, I do occasionally take time out to "smell the flowers" and pick all the great tasting veggies we grow in the garden. Photography is another passion of mine and I've captured some of what I saw today and I'd like to share it with you.....

some of these yummy tomatoes will be a topping for a pizza tomorrow night......that is if I don't eat them all!

my husband and I are avid recyclers (aka trash pickers) and we recycled the old chair into a planter and the picnic basket holds some flowers adding to our quiet place in the shade to sit and enjoy the views of the garden....

nasturtiums....don't you just love their color? these are edible flowers and I'll add them to a salad....

a water lily floating on the I see something hidden among the vines.......

it's a baby frog!!!!.....he's probably hiding out from "Big Louie" in the other pond.....

the passion flower has returned with beautiful was in need of a little TLC this year, but seems to be doing quite well, note to Sue...I'll try to start one for you!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun in Vegas

Last week I was in Las Vegas to help shop for shoes at the WSA (World Shoe Association). It was a fabulous show and what more could a girl ask for shoes at the MEGA of all shoe shows! There will be some more fabulous shoes and handbags coming to New Hope Shoes, so if you're ever in the area you really do have to stop in!
It wasn't all work in Vegas, as you will see, Carol and I had some fun in the city that really NEVER sleeps! When you have some time, sit down, grab a margarita and enjoy the pictures (which were edited to protect our innocence....LOL!)

psst!-----if you click on "all images" the pictures will be bigger and the comments will be shown :)