Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

You might know of an old-fashion late 20th century tradition of anonymously leaving a basket of flowers on a friend's doorstep to celebrate the first day of May. This is my "cyber" version of that tradition sent out to all my blogger friends. These are forget-me-nots from my garden. Happy May Day!!


Designs by CK said...

Happy May Day Marie! :)


Marie Patterson Studio said...

Thanks Chris....glad you stopped by today!!!!

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Happy May Day Marie! I can see you're in the spirit! Soooo pretty~~~

~dani~ said...

I have always imagined that one day when time was in abundance that I would run around to all of my friends homes leaving a tussie mussie filled with Spring flowers on each door~


sUz said...

hi maRie!

Thanks for lovely flowers!

iN jOy,

Designs by CK said...
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Designs by CK said...

Popping in here to say hello & thank you for being a great blogging friend!

CK :)